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They met in IBM. Today, under the logo of Algomine
they implement pioneering technologies based on artificial intelligence.


How did your cooperation start?

Marcin Górzyński: We gained experience at IBM, having access to the best technologies, straight from Silicon Valley. That’s where I met Jędrzej. We hit it off quickly.

Jędrzej Traczykowski: And now, after nearly 5 years of operation, we have a substantial group of satisfied clients, including those from insurance, banking, retail, energy, and media sectors. Moreover, we have built great teams of trusted data engineers, data science experts, and programmers.

Where did the idea for Algomine come from?

MG: The world is moving online, companies are gathering tons of data, paying for its storage, knowing there’s potential there, but they can’t harness it. That’s where we come in: as Data Science House, we use Big Data, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to deliver tailored solutions that can bring huge savings.

Can you provide a specific example?

JT: By applying machine learning algorithms, based on historical data, we can determine not only whether a particular client will repay their debt but also how to engage with them, what matters to them, what can persuade them to transact. In the same way, we automate sales processes, detect fraud, or forecast demand and inventory. Soon, algorithms will provide decisions affecting the day-to-day operations of the enterprise and its offerings.


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So, there’s no escape from AI?

MG: The past few weeks have mercilessly moved business into the online world, where competition is no longer limited by physical access to the customer. This practically begs for the implementation of AI and ML processes.

Not every company has data specialists.

JT: In that case, we propose the support of our AI engineers and scientists. An organization can gain know-how from us overnight while simultaneously building its own team, learning from us, and gradually achieving independence.