Retail and AI Conferences in 2023

AI Forecasting & Demand Planning
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We carefully allocate our time to participate in meaningful events, prioritizing engagements where we can connect with fellow Data Science enthusiasts to share insights and experiences. Still, our primary objective at these gatherings is to meet and engage with clients.

In 2023, we had the opportunity to attend numerous dynamic events, fostering invaluable face-to-face interactions with our customers, partners, and industry peers.

ALL IN AI in Montreal 2023 dedicated to Canada’s AI

The 1st edition of ALL IN, Canada’s premier artificial intelligence event, concluded on September 28, 2023, at the Palais des eCongrès de Montréal. Over 2,300 AI experts, business leaders, and researchers convened in person to celebrate Canadian AI excellence. With 190+ speakers and 5,000 online views, the event attracted global attention, with representatives from 20 countries. Algomine proudly participated, represented by Rick Tran. The conference showcased Canada’s AI prowess, illustrating its transformative impact across industries and its potential to enhance citizens’ lives. By sharing expertise and innovation on a global stage, Canada solidified its position as a leader in AI advancement.

It’s been quite an adventurous event, with Sophia the Robot among the many remarkable guests!

Rick Tran representing Algomine Data Science House at the All in AI Conference in Montreal 2023

Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo in Barcelona

A significant part of our projects are conducted in the Supply Chain domain. This sector, due to its complexity, importance for business continuity, and vulnerability to disruptions, offers countless opportunities for achieving impressive AI-driven optimization benefits.
Therefore, it is crucial for us to stay up-to-date with its advancements, and the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo 2023 held in June, 5-7 in Barcelona, provided us with the perfect platform to exchange ideas.

With over 50 Gartner experts and 140 research-driven sessions, the symposium provided actionable insights to drive impactful strategies. The event catered to various sectors such as industrial manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and consumer packaged goods (CPG). Algomine was represented by Arkadiusz Wiśniewski.

Arkadiusz Wisniewski and Edward Kerrigan at the Gartner Symposium and Expo in Barcelona, 2023

Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2023

Poland & CEE Retail Summit took place on March 29-30, 2023, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre Warsaw. The event was attended by over 2000 attendees and featured 249 speakers, making it the largest and most relevant retail industry conference in the region. The participants focused on six main stages of retail: commercial, ESG (environment and social governance), supply, e-commerce, digital innovation, and trade cooperation. Experts shared their knowledge and experience in European regulations related to ESG, technologies and new IT solutions supporting sustainable development of companies, solutions improving the quality of supply chains, building direct and authentic relationships with customers, and effective implementation of ESG strategy. Algomine was represented by Arkadiusz Wiśniewski. The Retail Summit was an excellent platform for presenting various practical solutions useful in daily business practice.

Arkadiusz Wisniewski at the Poland and CEE Retail Summit

Retail Inspiration Day 2023

The Retail Inspiration Day 2023 in Warsaw was a gathering of forward-thinking minds, eager to explore the transformative potential of AI in the retail industry. Attendees converged to address the evolving landscape of retail, from the swift pivot to online sales during the pandemic to the ongoing challenges of supply chain instability and fluctuating consumer demand amidst economic shifts. The event provided an occasion for industry leaders to delve into the role of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in driving profitability and fostering customer-centric strategies. With sessions ranging from insightful keynote presentations to interactive roundtable discussions, participants had the opportunity to discuss ideas on navigating uncertainty and driving growth in the retail sector. An impactful moment of the conference was when our experts, Arkadiusz Wiśnewski and Cezary Głowiński, took the stage to present on “Supply Chain Optimization – from Demand Planning to Inventory Replenishment.” Their expertise shed light on the crucial aspect of optimizing supply chains in the current market landscape.

Held in Warsaw on March 15, 2023, the SAS Retail Inspiration Day served as a hub for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and explore innovative solutions. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a motivating gathering, and we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation in the retail sector.

Michal Mikolowski (Algomine), Jedrzej Traczykowski (Algomine), Dominik Pruski (SAS), Arkadiusz Wisniewski (Algomine) and Cezary Glowinski (Algomine).
Arkadiusz Wisniewski of Algomine Data Science House at Retail Inspiration Day, 2023

SAS Innovate 2023, Sweden

SAS Innovate 2023 tour in Stockholm welcomed fearless innovators, leaders, and optimists from all around, embodying the spirit of change and transformation. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a series of engaging sessions, including inspiring plenary talks led by SAS Global Executives, interactive roundtables, and thought-provoking panel debates. A highlight of the event was the captivating ‘Factfulness’ keynote presentation delivered by Anna Rosling Rönnlund. Held at the picturesque Stora Frösunda Gård on June 15th, the conference had been a perfect space for approximately 100 Nordic business leaders to come together and explore the cutting-edge developments in analytics and AI. Against the backdrop of Sweden, renowned for its innovative prowess, the possibilities of AI and Data Science were vividly showcased. Algomine was representated by Arkadiusz Wiśniewski and Eli Michael Wald, actively engaging in discussions and networking sessions. Our participation in SAS Innovate Sweden reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and collaborative efforts in the industry.

Arkadiusz Wisniewski at the SAS Innovate Sweden 2023

Data Science Summit Machine Learning Edition 2023

DSS-ML is a special edition of the Data Science Summit dedicated entirely to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The inaugural edition of the event attracted over 1000 specialists, managers, and individuals interested in this topic. Similar to the DSS, the event also features an industry Expo. The Data Science Summit ML edition 2023 was a premier gathering of data science enthusiasts and professionals, held both online and onsite in Warsaw. Attendees delved into the latest trends and advancements in the field, exploring topics such as Deployment, ML Ops, Cloud, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Medicine in Data Science, and more. With 10 parallel tracks featuring over 80 speeches, there was something for everyone at the event. Over 1000 participants networked and gained valuable insights from industry leaders and experts. Additionally, the Data Science Expo featured top employers, providing attendees with the opportunity to connect and explore exciting career opportunities in the field. On June 16, Igor Jakubiak and Patryk Iwanek, Algomine experts, delivered a presentation entitled “When SHAP Is Not Enough: Interpreting Complex Analytical Processes.” The room was filled to capacity, and bot presenters, received very positive feedback. The Data Science Summit ML edition 2023 was an enriching experience that deepened knowledge and expanded networks in the world of data science.

Algomine at DSS-ML 2023, The Booth
Visitors at Algomine Booth at DSS-ML 2023

Data Science Summit 2023

In November 2023, we participated in the Data Science Summit conference. DSS is the largest independent data science conference in the Central and Eastern Europe region, focusing broadly on data analysis, processing, and visualization. Held annually since 2017, each edition attracts an average of 2000 participants. The accompanying event features an Expo with booths from technology providers and DS solutions, as well as employers currently recruiting. The last edition took place on November 23rd and 24th, 2023, in Warsaw. This edition covered Machine Learning, Data Mining & Exploration, spanning Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Anomaly detection, IoT, and more. On November 23rd, Igor Jakubiak, PHD, and Aleksandra Lubicka shared their experience on automating shopping cart control in retail. At PGE Narodowy on November 24th, the Algomine Team was present, with our booth set up. We were thrilled to connect with attendees for a chat or handshake.

Algomine Data Science House at the Data Science Summit in Warsaw, 2023

Business Breakfast hosted by Algomine

On October 5, 2023, in collaboration with SAS, we hosted a business breakfast on the topic “Artificial Intelligence in Business Processes.” The event was tailored for those contemplating AI implementation in their company and the tools to utilize. During the meeting, we explored proven technologies and tools and discussed best practices for organizing data for AI utilization. We shared our expertise in design and business, focusing on what is required for building and implementing Artificial Intelligence. Arkadiusz Wiśniewski delivered an outstanding presentation, thoroughly exploring the concept of the AI Lifecycle. He meticulously broke down its components, outlined the involved processes, and emphasized the roles and competencies needed at each stage. Additionally, he showcased tangible impacts that ML models have had on specific organizations, including significantly improved accuracy and ROI in as little as half a year! Cezary Glowinski continued to illustrate how this AI lifecycle concept is being applied using SAS Viya. He guided the audience through the available tools and possibilities, demonstrating how this all-in-one combo organizes and automates ML model production, while also being compatible with open-source solutions. This event offered an engaging discussion on the vast potential of AI technology in the business landscape, all while attendees sipped on freshly brewed coffee.

Arek Wisniewski at Algomine Business Breakfast in Restauracja Baczewskich in Warsaw 2023
Algomine Business Breakfast at Restauracja Baczewskich in Warsaw, 2023

Business Brunch organized by Algomine

We hosted a Retail Brunch on the topic “Building Competitive Advantage with AI” with SAS and Intel Corporation on December 7th, 2023. This event offered a unique opportunity for retail experts in logistics, supply chain, or marketing to explore how AI could accelerate actions, optimize processes, and fine-tune pricing strategy or marketing promotions. The program included a case study from the Polish market, personalization of product recommendations, enhancement of customer experience, optimization of inventory, and management of the supply chain. The speakers, comprised of individuals actively engaged in daily projects with our valued customers, shared their insights and experiences gained throughout their careers in Data Science. Cezary Glowinski, Chief Data Scientist at Algomine, discussed understanding customers and strategic pricing with the aid of AI. Additionally, Patryk Iwanek, PhD, Algomine, showcased real-world applications for Inventory Optimization across 19 countries. Igor Jakubiak, PhD, Algomine, explained the nuances of electronics retail planning and the crucial role of predictive systems. The event was again very well received by our guests.

Cezary Glowinski at Retail Business Brunch by Algomine, 2023
Patryk Iwanek at Retail Business Brunch by Algomine, 2023

NRF24 Retail’s Big Show in New York

The end of 2023 was marked by preparations for the conference organized in New York by The National Retail Federation (NFR). Although the conference itself took place in mid-January 2024, most of the work was done in December. Retail’s Big Show is an annual event hosted by the National Retail Federation in New York City. This three-day conference attracts thousands of industry representatives, leaders, technology providers, investors, and experts worldwide. Key topics covered in this edition included the role of artificial intelligence in retail, retail media strategies, data demand, and digital signage in commerce. Algomine was represented at the event by Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, Marcin Górzyński and Rick Tran, who is our representative in North America. Our presence at NRF 24’ emphasized the dedication to transforming retail through AI. With over 40,000 attendees from 100+ countries, NRF 24’ provided us with an opportunity to share knowledge and catch up with retail challenges. During NRF 24’, we were privileged to present a case study by Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, highlighting our collaboration with a European spare auto parts distributor. We showcased how AI is revolutionizing retail, reinforcing our role as a trusted partner in the industry.

Algomine logo among other significant logos at NRF24 Retail's Big Show in New York
A night Gala at the NFR24 Retail's Big Show in New York, 2024